Lifton Atlantis

As luck would have it, I was chatting to my friend Jo Hayes from Haymeron Park Morgans, and she just happened to mention that Megan Kelly from Kelford Morgans, was selling this lovely mare. Now I know that Jo knows how much I liked this mare when we visited New Zealand a few years prior, so I'm sure that she got a kick out of my reaction.

Needless to say Atlantis was on the boat headed for Australia within a few weeks of this conversation. I am so proud to have the opportunity to purchase this mare, thank you to Jo and Megan.  :)

Upon arrival in Australia she was taken to GVEH to be inseminated with some frozen semen, none other than MEMC Tequila Cuervo, she is due to foal October 15th 2013. I look forward to this foal with great anticipation.

Atlantis has given us 2 lovely geldings by MEMC Tequila Cuervo, we are considering breeding with her next season, but should she sell in the mean time that will be fine. She has been ridden whilst in NZ, but has only been a broodmare here in Australia. 

Atlantis has been tested positive in foal to Mt Tawonga Tarraji for a 2017 Autumn foal.


Deer Run Command

Waseekas in Command

Fiddlers Moonglow

Taproot Copper Iris

UVM Dexter

UVM Harmony

Taproot Sweet Flag

UVM Dexter

UVM Novelty

UVM Harmony

Tui's Dreamsong

JMF Royal Secret

Windhover Regancy

Appleton Debutante


JMF Beam Song

Whispering High Beam

Highover Desiree

Ts Atlantics Ebony

Midnight Felicity