Red Bluff Mesmeric

Taproot Messenger (Imp) X Mt Tawonga Miss Mary. Ric is a Chestnut Pure Bred Morgan colt born September 2004. Registered in America with AMHA #169305 & in Australia with MHAA #183.

Mesmeric is now gelded (February 2019) We do however have frozen semen stored at GVEH which has secured 3 positives out of 3 tries. 

From the first sight of this fellow, I knew that he was the one for our programme. He will be used over our Pure Bred Morgan mares, as well as our Friesian Warmblood mares to produce the stunning Moriesian. We are expecting him to mature 16hh +, currently he measures 15.3 as a 4yo. Ric has great bone, temperament, and a beautiful powerful long swinging stride. 

He has been running with dry and wet mares, young foals and geldings and has also been hand served. He is a pleasure to be around, with his laidback nature and sweet aura. Ric has both Pure & Part Bred foals on the ground, and we are extremely happy with them.

He has been tested Heterozygous (Aa), for the Agouti gene. Therefore when crossed with our Friesian Warmblood mares (aaEE), 50% of the progeny will be Black (aaEe), and 50% will be Bay (AaEe). 

Ric's saddle career has began. He is shaping up really well, trainer (Jayd) is happy, I'm happy, and most important he is happy. Pictures........

Ric has been to visit with Angus McKinnon and Leann Newton at the Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital, we are happy to announce that he has been collected and frozen with good quality semen. His first crop of foals born in 2007, all have a good chance of reaching 15.2hh +.  This is from 3 mares under 15hh and one 16hh. And indeed the first crop of foals all reached 15.2hh. He has added his nice long length of stride, short back, and great temperament.

We have kept one daughter so far for our brood mare band, MCM Keirah out of Mt Tawonga Keep.  She's an awesome filly who will continue to add to the quality of Morgan's here in Australia. We are seriously considering another daughter - MCM Louisiana out of Mt Tawonga Louise, we will see what the future brings.

Mesmeric has crossed well with the Friesian X mares. along with our Morgan mares, we look forward to more foals from him soon. We have 2 or 3 outstanding mares earmarked for him in the near future.



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Full Pedigree back to Justin Morgan (1789-1821).