MCM Xarika

23/11/10. Red Bluff Mesmeric X The Carrock Xylona. Chestnut Moriesian filly. This filly has been designed for dressage and sport horse competition. The Carrock Xylona is a full sister to The Carrock Tambo and The Carrock Victor both FEI horses. I am expecting Xarika to mature to around 16hh+.

She will be dual registered with both MHAA in the Part Bred Morgan registry and also with AFWHS. Her breeding is 50% Morgan, 25% Friesian and 25% Thoroughbred. Registered with MHAA #469, & AFWHS #698.

Latest Statistics:

Measurements taken:
Sept 2011  -  December 2011

Current Age: 10 months  -  13 Months

Current Height: 13.2hh  -  14.1hh

Weight: 380 kg's  -  450kgs

Bone: 7.5"  -  7 3/4's"

Expected mature height: - 16hh, as indicated by cannon length  - same

Sold to Louise in Victoria.

MCM Xarika

Deer Run Command

Taproot Copper Iris

Taproot Sweet Flag

UVM Dexter

UVM Harmony

Ortawns Premier

The Carrock Xylona





Gospill Hill (GB)

Crepello (GB)

Lowna (GB)

Ginger Marne

Harmony Hall (GB)

Lucky Marne